We love it when Clients have nice things to say about us:


CLIENT: Katey Charles Communications

“I called Breakthrough during a business crisis when I couldn’t see the forest through the trees. My coach helped me step back, take a deep breath and get a handle on what I really wanted for my e-marketing agency and myself long-term. I feel a great relief now that my personal goals and business goals are in alignment. Like any entrepreneur, I still have to wear a lot of hats every day, but now I have a clearer picture of where to focus my energies and the efforts of my staff, and it has made a big difference!”

- Katey Charles Darpel, President, Katey Charles Communications

CLIENT: Michael Magliari

“I hired Breakthrough to assist with strategic planning for our firm, and it was a worthwhile effort. Our Breakthrough coach helped us to analyze our business in a professional and insightful manner; develop carefully though-out revenue and growth projections; and formalize our corporate vision in a way that satisfied both our clients and staff.

Breakthrough guided us through an evaluation of our firm’s strengths and weaknesses and then helped us make realistic plans to correct and improve our internal dynamics. We then reviewed opportunities and specific threats to the firm and created concrete action plans to improve marketing, clarify personnel roles and increase productivity.

Throughout this process, our Breakthrough coach gave valuable personal attention to both staff and management, skillfully facilitating the easy cooperation of everyone in the firm. Our firm is greatly improved a result!”

- Michael E. Magliari, Attorney at Law

CLIENT: Two Blue Doors, Inc.

“Our company, Two Blue Doors, was at a crossroads. Between the shift in the economy and a declined focus, we were unsure of the fate of our stationery studio, which we had built with such passion.

Logic, process and planning can be challenging to two creative, right-brained business owners. But our Breakthrough coach has a wonderful ability to help us establish a plausible vision, and she does it in a way that forces us to think more analytically. She has led us to become a more effective and focused management team. And, in turn, we are recognizing more focus and results from our staff.

Breakthrough has also successfully helped us define measurable short- and long-term goals and has refined our knowledge of the company’s finances. Most importantly, I have regained optimism for the future of our studio!”

- Beth Barr, Owner, Two Blue Doors, Inc.