“Teamwork is THE most untapped advantage in business today. It is not a virtue; it is a choice, and a strategic one. It is a purposeful decision that organizations make and yet despite all of the talk, it is still a rarity.”  –Patrick Lencioni author of “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”

We all work in teams. Whether you’re the head of a fortune 500 company or a solo entrepreneur working with a virtual assistant off-site, no one works alone. That’s why teamwork is more important than ever.

Lots of companies pay lip service to the concept of building a strong team but few actually provide the tools to create one. Quite often there’s a disconnect between what senior management expects from their teams and how a team can actually deliver those results. We believe that a strong team built on proper business principals is essential to helping your business achieve specific goals.

It’s why we offer team coaching designed to help your business be ready to take on tough challenges, establish trust, resolve conflict fairly and humanely within a group, and help team members feel empowered, appreciated, and compensated for their contributions.

Breakthrough uses team coaching to help teams:

  • Increase communication and motivation amongst team members
  • Build trust and increase accountability among team members to help ensure goals are met
  • Reduce conflict to ensure results and put the focus on the customer
  • Conduct more productive meetings by asking the “right questions,” address conflicts and potential problems and conclude with commitments that are more likely to be completed
  • Transition in new team leaders and members with ease and efficiency

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