Today’s leaders face unprecedented pressure to deliver innovation and cost-savings in an ever-changing business landscape. Turnover, increasing demands and shrinking budgets are all part of an executive’s day to day life. Today’s leader needs to be dynamic and versed in the art of improvisation.

Why your leaders need coaching:

Executive coaching supports leaders (both current and future) by helping them identify what they can bring to an organization and get clear on their career path and personal development. When a leader has clear goals and focus on their roles and expectations, they are more likely to follow through.

Executive coaching is also crucial to developing the talent within your organization. Studies show that employees who “rise through the ranks” within a particular company remain more loyal and become more vested in the success of your business. We help you identify potential future leaders within your organization and facilitate their growth.

We believe that coaching is the most effective development tool available to leaders today.

Here’s a quick fact: It costs more money to hire from outside of your company than to groom someone from within. It’s also more cost effective (from a financial and emotional standpoint) to provide your employees with leadership and performance training than letting them go and replacing them. Replacement cost of a failed employee can amount to up to 2.5 times their pay.

Executive coaching with Breakthrough is ideal for:

  • Executive, middle managers, and future leaders
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
  • Leaders struggling with performance issues
  • Leaders transitioning into new roles
  • Executives working outside of their home country

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