“Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion.”  –Jack Welch

Some strategies can be implemented at the executive or team level. Other times you need to start at the very heart of an organization.

Strategic planning is not just about choosing lofty words as part of your mission statement. It’s about agreeing fundamentally on how you want to operate your business and then creating the communication and processes that support it.

Mission and vision statements are common within most companies. Clarity and the means to achieve that vision is a rarity.

Based on a Harvard Business Review report, only 10% of managers studied zero in on strategic goals and see them through to completion.

Breakthrough coaches partner with the key players in your organization and hold a mirror up to your business challenges. We’ll help you see your business as it really is, not just how you think it is, and then develop strategies and tactics to help make them a true reality.

Breakthrough Organizational Coaching and Consulting can help:

  • Evaluate business opportunities
  • Identify and leverage the organization’s strengths and hidden opportunities
  • Assess and address strategy, structure, and leadership gaps within an organization
  • Ensure clear communication of mission critical goals that inspire, align and inform employees how their individual contributions matter
  • Determine key measures and timelines to ensure you execute on your plan.
  • Assess HR programs (compensation, incentives, HR policies) to ensure these programs will help drive your strategy forward

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